Can Tiger Woods still win the Masters at 43?

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-28
Tiger Woods was almost alone on Monday as the storm approached Augusta National Park.
When a few fans stayed to watch, he stroked 5-
It always seems like a foodie entering his golden age.
It has been 14 years and won the game at Augusta National Stadium.
What is even more surprising is that Woods has won any professional degree for 11 years. His believers —
They have a lot of people.
I hope there may be a change this week as optimism always peaks before the first serve.
The old Tiger may not be fully back yet, but it is generally believed that his greatness is enough for him to comfortably put on the green Max woman jacketthat came late on Sunday afternoon.
Count Woods among believers.
\"I know I can play this golf course,\" he said . \"
\"I have had some success here.
\"In fact, he has four green jackets with his name on them.
This in itself qualifies him as one of the greatest players of all time, even though it\'s twice as close to the collection Jack Nicklaus won.
But that\'s not what Woods or others expected after winning the top four in nine years.
Nicklaus himself predicted that Woods would win 10 green jackets on the way to erase the records of Nicklaus\'s 18 major tournaments.
Of course, the reason Woods has not been recorded in detail for many years.
But the victory of last year\'s Tour champion not only shows that he can still compete and win at the highest level, but also gives Woods some much-needed confidence to enter the first major event of the year.
\"I think in (
Tourist champion)
\"I confirmed to me that I can still win again,\" Woods said . \".
\"In order to really understand that you can do it, you have to do it first.
In fact, whether he can mark the game for the first time with a runaway victory at the age of 21 is still a question Woods may not be able to answer before finishing.
He is now 43 years old, and when he takes off his hat, his bald head looks bigger than ever, which has drawn attention.
This is old in most sports, but in 1986, Nicklaus won at the age of 46.
Seems to be to prove that this is not a fluke, and on the weekend of more than ten years later, Nicklaus has been fighting for the lead before competing for sixth place, the feat was almost as notable as his sixth victory.
The Augusta country has changed. stretch it first and make it a tiger.
Once again, when the green jacket running the place realizes that a new generation of players can bomb the ball at incredible distances.
But it still rewards those who finish the race in a short period of time, and those who are able to finish the slippery greens race under pressure.
This is still a problem for Woods and the last time he saw on national TV he missed a short putt and lost to little-
Lucas bugerar, who is known to have won a seat in the semi-finals of the Dell technology competition last month.
\"I think I can still put the putt,\" Woods said . \"
\"The hardest thing is that I can\'t practice like I used.
I have pain in my back.
\"Wear and tear is a problem for any older athlete and Woods is no exception.
Even though he was finally able to swing freely after his back surgery, he said he couldn\'t put his time into any part of the game as before.
But on Tuesday, he was at the end of the practice field, working in every club in his bag.
He took time between two shots, once, dropped his club, went to several places to talk to Kevin Kisner, and then used his single iron to see the hit shot of Bryson de chambo.
Woods recently shared a golden age.
On Thursday morning\'s kick-off time, playing with Spain\'s John Ram and China\'s Haitong Lee, both of whom were one year old, Woods was at Las Vegas in 1996.
However, wisdom comes with age.
As Nicklaus has shown in his later career performances, knowing where to shoot at Augusta National Stadium and where to miss the shot is half the puzzle to win.
\"In my mind there is a very good little library in charge of how to play this course,\" Woods said . \".
When Woods starts playing among his 22 Masters, the library will be open for business.
He\'s not his favorite.
Rory McIlroy has this honor.
But he is one of the most popular players.
Can he win, of course? Because even at the age of 43, he still has a lot of games to play.
Will he win? He spent a lot of time practicing-footers. ——
Tim Dalberg is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press.
Write to tdahlberg/twitter. com/timdahlberg
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