bra fitting for ladies who have undergone breast surgery

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-28
Women may be very vulnerable after breast surgery.
Enhance their self-confidence and self-confidence
Having a bra that really fits will give a lot of respect.
Having a good bra fitting as soon as possible after surgery is absolutely crucial, in fact, I would encourage all women to have a bra fitting before surgery.
Currently, there is no specific qualification for bra accessories, and the professional level varies depending on the fitter you happen to see.
So it\'s hard to know the level of service you get.
The following points and post-
The surgical bra accessories and professional level you should expect.
In my opinion, anything below that is absolutely unacceptable.
It is said that nearly 80% of ladies have the wrong size bra.
Some of them are not only because of the ignorance or indifference of individual women, but also because of the wrong advice made at the right time.
Many ladies do not experience professional bra accessories until they are forced into this situation (
Pregnancy and surgery are one of the main reasons).
I see a lot of women either get installed incorrectly (
Or not installed at all)
It\'s a small thing, but it makes a real difference to do it well.
It sounds a bit silly, but I see women coming out of my store again and again, looking higher, with spring in their footsteps.
So, what should you look for and be confident that you get real professional health.
At the first contact point, the fitter should observe the customer\'s body shape, breast shape, bone structure, fat density, body length and approximate age (e. g.
: Oblique shoulder, narrow shoulder, short measurements from Apex to shoulder point, it is clear the type of surgery and how many breast tissues are removed)
They should also be aware that it is important for customers to feel relaxed, as bra installation can be a terrible experience for some women, especially after surgery.
For friends or relatives, having a separate relaxing seating area near the fitting room is also an advantage.
Many ladies will come with their families for spiritual support, for them, close but not too close so they can hear your conversation at the right time.
The fitter should ask the customer\'s request sensitively (
What surgery did they do, when did they do it, any questions about health, what matters is the previous favorite style)
They should also ask customers what size/style they usually wear before surgery.
The fitter should be in \"friendly\" and \"accessible\" mode.
Try not to infringe on the customer\'s space when talking to the customer.
The fitter should not discuss the suitability of the customer\'s current underwear unless required.
For ladies with prosthesis, the fitter should never suggest that the shape of the breast seems to be the wrong size;
Customers can draw their own conclusions or ask you for advice.
It\'s better to get the client back to her breast care nurse or G. P.
The fitting room should be private with good lighting and enough for two people.
It should also have a comfortable chair as we can deal with ladies who may feel tired, hot or faint.
Ladies often get upset and you need to have paper towels ready.
Also, ladies may be forced to menopause due to the drugs they may take, so don\'t let the fitting room be too hot.
Fans should always be convenient. A large table or shelf is needed to place the shape of the breast and some cami/vest is also needed to try on the bra to really see the shape of the chest.
The dressing room should also include a full length mirror. (
Since some of the women after surgery have not seen scars, etc, this should be covered or rotated with care. )
Experienced fitter may not need a tape measure
Some will measure the lower band, and some may require two measurements to diagnose the size.
The fitter needs to consider the operation stage of the customer.
It is usually necessary to discharge the fluid, to have lymph edema and numbness, which may affect the customer\'s decision-making ability and the scar area or numbness of the pain.
Then the fitter should choose a complete one.
To ensure the correct size, the customer can try on the bra.
This is essential if you have a lady who needs a bra to install her first prosthesis. The fitter should also ensure that the underwear is fixed on the most loose fixture, as cleaning and wear will ensure that the \"gift\" is obtained in a short period of time and the strap length is checked.
The fitter should check whether the base strap is safe but comfortable, the front of the center is close to the body, high enough to cover the lost breast tissue and the flank is deep enough.
The fitter should take this opportunity to explain what to look for when buying a bra in terms of fit.
The fitter should then choose a range of different bras for the customer to try on.
It is better for the fitter to see every bra on the customer in order to inform which one is most suitable.
Finally, the fitter should be flexible to meet the requirements of the customer and expect that some customers will not always accept their suggestions.
I know it sounds hard to predict.
But that\'s what you should be looking.
If you don\'t get the service, you\'re in the wrong store and talking to the wrong person.
Why shouldn\'t you expect the best, especially when you\'re looking for a bra after surgery and after a mastectomy.
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