Black wedding dress showcased at bridal expo in Launceston

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-02
At the wedding fair in Launceston on Sunday, future brides and grooms flocked to Albert Hall.But one thing caught our attention.This dress is made of tutu-Stylish dress with waist fit.It looks like a traditional wedding dress, but it is black.
Eternal Elegance of the bridexa0Louise Scott said the dress.xa0Not one.xa0Political statement, but another option for the show.\"It\'s just for a wow factor.And really away\"Set the flowers up,\" she said .
MS Scott said that while black clothing was not popular, she had some requirements over the years.\"I want people to think outside the square and they don\'t have to wear white clothes,\" she said .\".\"This is what we put together in the store and it got us excited because it wasxa0Something a little different.
MS Scott said a lot of people didn\'t realizexa0This timeless and elegant bride can create a dress of any color
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