bins of reflective vests offered to pedestrians after fatality

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-15
Last month, the death of a pedestrian at the intersection of Mount Newton prompted two women to take action to make the area safer.
Samantha Hunter and Megan ereser don\'t even know 47-year-
The dead old woman didn\'t know each other until their reaction to the tragedy was posted on Facebook.
Hunter came up with an idea to allow people to borrow reflective vests from the bins placed on the edge of the Newton Hill Cross Road, when ereser decided to hand out a petition calling for street lights and sidewalks.
They said they will deal with the petition at a meeting of the Central Saanich committee on Monday.
It has grown to 1,200 names by Sunday.
Three bins paid by central saniqi police were placed near the intersection of Newton Hill/Pat Bay, the pedestrian crossing of saniqi Peninsula Hospital and Newton Hill/East saniqi Road.
The logo explaining the procedure has been attached to the adjacent wire rod and also includes the couple\'s phone number if there is any problem with the bin.
\"People can always call us if they see they are empty or have vandalism or [the vests]
Need to clean . \"
The idea, Hunter said, is that anyone who walks along the road can borrow a vest and store it in the bin closest to the destination.
She noted that the recent deadly incident occurred on a dark rainy night.
\"I do not want to guess the cause of the accident;
However, there are always a lot of people who don\'t wear any reflective clothes when walking, and it\'s very difficult when you drive on the road to see people, \"she said.
\"You will not see them unless you are there.
\"It\'s simple to make a vest, and it\'s almost no cost,\" she said.
Some vests were donated by the central saniqi Fire Department.
\"I \'ve been working with Megan to get this all figured out,\" Hunt said . \".
\"Even if we save a life, it will be different.
She said that she lives on a section of the community with few street lights, and about a year ago when she walked her dog, she began to wear reflective vests.
She said she felt \"vulnerable\" without it \".
The vest is a good idea, but it is a \"temporary solution\" to solve the problem on Newton Hill, said erezer \".
\"This is a band --
Need the aid of stitching things.
She said she drove four times a week to work and saw a variety of road users, including those pushing baby carriages.
\"This is a major road connecting the community with the hospitals that serve all the sanić peninsula,\" she said . \".
\"This is a busy road for pedestrians and vehicles.
Hunt said she hopes the project will grow.
\"As the project goes on, we want to expand it to other areas where there is a lot of traffic, and we want more people to start wearing reflective clothing.
\"Taco Bell @ timeslonist.
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