bedroom tips

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-17
Is there a problem sleeping?
Have a lot of disturbing dreams?
Or do you find yourself becoming irritable before going to bed?
Maybe it has nothing to do with you, but it has nothing to do with the way your bedroom is decorated.
This is one of the most important rooms in the house, but it is often overlooked because we are too busy to \"beautify\" the space where visitors gather --
Living room or dining room.
Like \"I\", time is vital to your health
As a quiet and relaxing bedroom, it is vital to let you escape the world and its problems.
Here are five simple tips to make sure you\'re at peace.
Soothing people of color
There are bright colors in the room where you rest.
The dazzling orange or red color is very effective in the activity room, but it may be too quiet for the bedroom.
Relax your heart with a soothing blue, green and cream.
You will be surprised to find out how important the color plays in our emotions.
Always choose a simple and quiet pattern.
Jangly, the large pattern on the curtain or the carefully crafted gold embroidery on the bedspread is over
Stimulate and disturb the senses.
Walls, curtains and bedding should all have similar or complementary shades that give a calm continuity.
Don\'t cut costs in the bedroom.
For extra consumption, but for the best quality pillows and mattresses.
This is the most reliable way to ensure a pleasant rest at night and avoid neck and back problems.
The same applies to bedding.
Using synthetic sheets is the worst thing in a hot city.
Pick the softest cotton for your pillowcase and sheet.
Curtains that cover the harsh sun.
Make sure your duvet or blanket is always soft, clean and fresh if you have a winter.
Change the sheets regularly to avoid allergies and infections;
There are air mattresses and pillows every few months.
Chaos around you can lead to confusion within you.
If you want to feel calm, you can\'t walk into a chaotic, chaotic and crowded bedroom every night.
Throw away all the excess furniture and the tedious extras
Ons, keep only the necessities.
Keep the dresser and bed clean and spare.
Why are there 10 small mats on the bed?
They occupied the room anyway and ended up on the floor!
Simple, clean three or four pieces of furniture
Bed, cabinet, vanity, armchair-
It\'s everything you need in the bedroom.
It is essential to place windows in the bedroom.
If your bed looks east, you don\'t want it facing the window.
The sun is bright in your eyes and you will wake up very early.
Meanwhile, an open window close to the bed gives you plenty of fresh air.
So, while avoiding the sun, put the bed outdoors to make the most of it.
If your apartment is facing a busy street, the traffic sounds will keep you awake.
If so, invest in soundproof shutters.
Spend money wisely.
Air conditioning and fans sometimes make a lot of noise.
Again, buy the best and save on the long term
Health bills.
In the bedroom, the environment is more important than the environment.
What\'s on the wall?
Are they soothing scenes that make you happy?
Can you have a picnic by the river or a basket of flowers? A violent bull-
Fighting may not be the best art of bedside.
The painting you like, but it\'s over.
Like the ginica replica, it is not wise to stimulate in the bedroom.
You can add to sleep
Create a time atmosphere by playing soft music remotely, or keeping fresh fragrant roses or jasmine in the room.
Green adds a lot of peace to the room.
Put a few pots of potted plants in the corner, or put a bottle of money on the dresser.
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