all about wedding dress preservation

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-07
The wedding dress is something to use one day and has been hanging on a hanger for the rest of its life. Girls keep pre-
Buy a wedding dress a few years before the wedding and a few decades after the wedding.
Usually the bridal gown stays in the closet and sometimes hangs on the wall closet door.
In this case, the clothes slowly turn yellow and rot.
The preservation of the wedding dress saves a lot of space, so that the owners no longer worry about the status of the wedding dress.
Wedding dress preservation--
The industry combines best knowledge and methods in protecting science and experience with museum collections.
Archival storage technology can now meet the needs of brides like the Museum\'s Textile protection.
The preservation process includes dry cleaning and chemical treatment of clothes (
Prevent yellowing)
, Stain check and clean, press tight, fold and pack it carefully into a special sealed container.
Remove the air from the container and replace it with an inert gas mixture.
The company returned the clothes to the customer in a sealed box.
Bridal dresses are now ready for long-term storage and storage.
The preservation of the wedding dress has its unique features and skills.
Depending on the fabric, different dresses may have different cleaning processes.
The garment folding process is carried out using special gloves, which can protect the garment from the particles that may exist on the skin of the preservation technician, including oil and salt.
The storage container and folding paper towel of the wedding dress are different from the ordinary storage box made of paper.
Ordinary paper boxes and folding paper towels may contain acid from the tree pump that remains from the paper manufacturing process.
The bridal dress preservation container is usually made of plastic. Non-
The fabric composition of the garment may also cause problems in the preservation process.
Metal details such as Zippers may cause rust;
The plastic may melt or change color, leaving traces.
Wedding dress preservation--
It is usually done by a professional company.
Sometimes, the company only provides airtight containers for customers to do all the preservation cleaning work including folding (
Sometimes there is air discharge).
Senior industry professionals carry out a comprehensive transformation of any condition clothing and any elements thereof.
They will restore it to its best state before saving it.
Some companies offer guarantees for their work.
This guarantee can last up to 20 years.
Wedding dress preservation with full service usually ranges from $120 to $350.
Prices depend on many factors.
It will be more expensive when the costume design is more complex.
The layers of the skirt and the extra volume make things worse, which means the price will be higher.
In addition, the clothes of embroidery, beads, cathedral trains or antique fabrics are more expensive to keep.
Additional charges apply if the dress has mats and spills.
Wedding Memories-
Always save the result of your dream wedding dress and let the owner know that her wedding dress will be in the same state for decades from the day she first wore it.
It also helps to preserve all the emotions and memories of the day.
So, when you pass the wedding dress to your child or grandson, they will have the opportunity to see, touch and even put on your gorgeous wedding dress and share it in the memory of your magical day.
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