addressing privacy concerns with smart cards: be aware

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-21
What is a smart card?
Before you really understand the privacy issues surrounding the smart card, you need to know what the smart card is.
In essence, a smart card refers to any card that has an integrated circuit in a smart card, so its name is more formal, that is, an ICC or an integrated circuit card.
From here, we can divide smart cards into two categories.
The first class is a memory card with non-
Only volatile memory.
These are used to store data.
The second category is The Microprocessor card.
These cards contain volatile memory and-you guessed it—
There are two different types: invisible smart cards and contactless smart cards.
The contact smart card needs physical contact with the card reader, while the contactless smart card is not required.
So, the contact smart card actually requires you to take it out of its housing and expose it to the public, which is a security measure
No, this is not required for contactless cards.
However, it also means that anyone who knows what signal to broadcast can identify you and may find key private data about your people, while the contact smart card has a certain degree of consent.
Check out this BrightHub article for more details on what the smart card is and how it works.
Smart CardsBe AwareSo, for example, these technologies are obviously very powerful and are growing rapidly.
To address privacy issues on smart cards, the only best thing you can do is know what\'s going on with smart card policies, technologies and applications.
Consciousness is strong!
There are three main applications for smart cards: financial services, ID services and public transport, each with unique security issues associated with it.
Over the past few years, financial-oriented smart cards have gradually entered the system.
They are basically considered moresmart cards—
Think there is more anti-credit card
Built-in forged support.
For some time, the government identity card service has been looking for smart cards to better track citizens and fight everything from terrorism to illegal immigration.
All the data is put together, not scattered in institutions at the local, state, and federal levels, and hiding in shadows can be much more difficult.
However, there is a lot of potential for abuse, especially when information falls into the hands of malicious third parties.
Public transport is not the most compelling use for smart cards, but it is a growing market.
The most noteworthy is the Oyster card used in the London public transport system.
These cards can theoretically be used by public transport operators or governments to track the movement of individuals throughout the city, causing privacy concerns.
This is already a problem in the UK, for example, where M15 wants to use this information to track terrorists and even cards have been cracked.
Health information is another problem.
While smart cards with health information are not so common yet, it is another use that is growing, and this is certainly sensitive information that can be abused by third parties.
Nowadays, there are mainly different smart cards for different applications.
However, many people are afraid of having a card for all of them --
A square combination of plastic and circuits, national ID card, credit card, biometric, driver\'s license, anything you can think.
The wonderful use of this universal card can only be matched with the terrible abuse potential.
You don\'t have to track each item individually in order to take advantage of someone, but a technique that contains someone\'s life.
At present, there are no real standards for smart cards, the standards between companies are different, and the government\'s policy progress in unifying the form of identity recognition is obviously slow globally.
The only truly successful example is The MyKad project launched in Malaysia in 2001, which, even so, has not been fully utilized.
So if you feel uncomfortable with the concept, there is no immediate threat, but it is possible.
This is a growing area of policy and technology, so is news that focuses on changing trends, the best thing you can do to address any privacy issues you may have.
Fake it: one of the biggest problems with these cards is that it is possible to fake them.
A solution has been proposed: the introduction of biometric data into these cards.
By connecting cards closely with your unique biological features such as fingerprints and DNA, it is almost impossible to forge and it is easy to spot.
However, it is difficult for many privacy groups to hand over their biological data to third parties.
In addition, a number of less controversial changes have been proposed to improve the security of the card, from holographic to encrypted signals, etc.
While the proficiency of counterfeiters will certainly increase with the complexity of security measures, it is important to remember that an arms race in security is inevitable, whether it\'s an automatic smart card or an old one
Old-fashioned cheating bureaucracy.
In addition, in order to improve security, the changes introduced by smart cards make these cards more secure to use, replacing old cards
Vintage magnetic stripe.
The best way to avoid forging your own card is to protect your card.
Don\'t use it when you don\'t need it, and put it in a very safe place around you.
Consider investing in a money belt or other accessories that is hard to pick.
When using the card in public, cover the sensitive part of the card with one hand during the transaction.
Want to participate?
If this really bothers you and it doesn\'t seem satisfactory enough to know just the news, there are a number of privacy organizations that can use technologies like smart cards.
A better counter for the United States
The smart card organization you see may be the electronic frontier organization EFF.
Here is a link to what they think about smart cards.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has also done some work on smart cards.
Here is a link to a sample testimony provided by a member on security issues related to the RealID act.
There are, of course, many other organizations with a wide ideological range.
If you\'re passionate about the topic, find them and get involved anyway!
For some interesting discussions about smart cards, please check the following article: smart ID card for debate (PC World)
Finally, we received a smart credit card. ComputerWorld)
Advantages and disadvantages of smart cards (BrightHub)
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