addressing fears about led light bulbs

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-08
In the Times column on Thursday, I reviewed the new generation of LED bulbs.
They have a life of 25 times that of a normal bulb, maybe with one --
Eighth, the power that works with the dimmer will immediately turn on to full brightness and keep the touch cool.
The cost has always been a big drawback, but now, I notice, the price has dropped.
This column has produced a lot of readers e-
Probably because the LED represents the change.
Change is always terrible.
Here are some excerpts from my reply.
* The biggest problem most consumers will notice for LED bulbs is color.
You correctly point out that you can get different colors, or you can get different shades of white, from warm White to cool white, to daylight.
However, not all white is the same.
Two bulbs, both with 2700 K (warm white)
The color may create a completely different impression in the room.
The difference is C. R. I. (
Rendering color index.
There is a C for incandescent lamps. R. I. of 100.
Very bad led has C. R. I. of 50; average ones (most of them)have a C. R. I. of 80 to 85.
There is really C. R. I. ’s above 90. C. R. I.
Is a way to express how many colors in the rainbow are actually included in the white light.
Incandescent lamps contain every color in the rainbow and are the same.
LED bulb with low CR. I.
The color of the object doesn\'t look right and everything \"feels\" terrible.
This is not a subtle effect. Wow.
Well, I have never heard of C. R. I.
, It is definitely listed on the package.
All I can say is that I am very happy with the color of the Kerry bulb.
They don\'t look at all like the faint diluted light of the compact fluorescent light they\'re going to replace.
I don\'t think there\'s anything terrible or wrong with them.
But if you worry about C. R.
I, maybe try a light bulb at home before you change the light bulb for the whole house.
* Why don\'t I have LED bulbs: I haven\'t seen a lumen of an incandescent bulb with a rated power of 75 or 100 W sold in my area close to the same.
Many of you have come up with this: 40-and 60-
The Watt bulb I commented on was not bright enough for aging eyes, reading, detail work, etc.
This is indeed a good point. You can buy 75-and 100-watt-
There are quite a number of LED bulbs online, but they are still expensive ($30 to $45 per piece).
* In my home, as long as it is indicated on the box, the CFL will not last half, and when the CFL electronics go out, they leave the annoying burnt electrons that my wife very dislike
Some friends reported that the flame of the CFL had been ignited.
Sorry to hear this!
My column, however, is about LED lights, not compact fluorescent bulbs.
The compact florecents are basically curlicue tubes full of illuminated gas.
Light for LED bulbs
LEDs, the kind you see in some flashlights and the flashlights of your smartphone.
* Why didn\'t you write the LIFX bulb on Kickstarter?
Did you pay some price for the light? bulb industry?
Mainly because I haven\'t heard of LIFX bulbs. Now I have!
It looks like a lot like the Philips Hue kit I \'ve commented on, as these are the LED bulbs you can control through your phone app: brightness, time, and color.
However, the advantage of LIFX is that the router box is not required.
The network electronics is in the light bulb.
LIFX has also done more: for example, change the color in time according to the music, or let you know when there is a new emailmail.
These bulbs are super
On Kickstarter, it is clear that they capture the imagination of the public.
I keep in touch with creators who promise to send me a try when they are free!
* You have done a lot of things you have done before: Praise LED bulbs without affecting the quality of the light.
It doesn\'t matter if the bulb is $200 or 50 cents.
If the light is ugly and it hurts my eyes to read, why should I buy it?
Compact fluorescent lamps come in plain blue tones.
Some people give a yellow \"warm\" tone.
But the quality of the light they produce is very poor.
In fact, I did mention the quality of light;
It\'s great in my opinion.
You can choose \"Sunshine \"(whiter)
Or â x80 x9c warmer â x80 waste (yellower).
With some, like Philips, you can dial in any color you like: say, white with blue or yellow.
But I don\'t know why we\'re talking about compact fluorescent lamps all the time.
LED technology is completely different.
There is no relationship between the light quality of the compact fluorescent bulb and the light quality of the led.
* You ignore an important issue: you should not put LED bulbs into closed fixtures such as ceiling tanks due to heat problems.
In fact, I asked Cree specifically.
The representative said the light bulb on the ceiling was good.
Cree LED bulbs are available for any application that uses incandescent lamps.
As long as there is a chance of air circulation, the bulb will work properly.
Realize that not all bulbs meet this standard;
For example, I see warnings on 3 m and Philips bulbs and don\'t use them in ceiling tanks.
* Whether there is a potential problem with RF (Radio frequency
Interference with the circuit?
I know someone put the LED bulb in his garage door opener and then had a problem with the remote control.
I don\'t have any experience in testing.
I have a garage-door openers.
* I have to ask: the transmitter, to plug in my network router does not mean to be a complete Luddite? Really?
Is it really necessary to waste time and expenses to plug the bulb into the Internet?
As far as I know, incandescent lamps and candles are still available to many home goods retailers.
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