addressing climate crisis, bush calls for development of national air conditioner

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-23
In a national televised address, President Kennedy\'s historic 1961 address promised to send humans to the moon, and President Bush responded to the global warming crisis on Monday, calling for the construction of a giant national air conditioner by 2015.
\"Climate change is real. it needs a real solution,\" Bush said . \"
\"So I am committed to putting all the technology, all the brainpower and all the resources we need into the 21 st century to keep America cool and comfortable.
\"The national air conditioning program is expected to be the largest public works project in the country\'s history.
Because there is no technology that can create air conditioners that can meet the cooling needs of the mainland, the president estimates that research and development alone will require federal and private sector funding of at least $100 trillion.
\"The challenge of building air conditioners for all Americans will be the biggest challenge we have ever faced,\" Bush said . \".
But we have to face it.
We must act immediately to ensure that our children and our children are able to live in a world that does not sweat and has to change shirts all the time.
Although Bush\'s speech left many questions unanswered, such
The touch cooling setting will be governed by the federal or state, and the reaction of congressional Democrats and Republicans is basically advantageous.
\"I commend the government for taking this issue seriously in the end,\" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said . \".
\"Such a huge device means that Americans from all walks of life, not just wealthy and privileged Americans, will be able to ease from the rising life, from the rising, in the United States.
It will create a lot of jobs.
It takes thousands of seasonal labor just to remove the huge filter and rinse it clean.
\"Leaders in the petrochemical industry have expressed early support for the plan, which will stimulate additional exploration and production of oil and gas to meet the amazing energy needs of the machine.
However, some fiscal conservatives have condemned the cost of the project and the resulting huge electricity bill, saying a series
The high-oscillation fan stationed in the Pacific Northwest and blowing in the direction of the jet stream will achieve basically the same goal and save billions of dollars.
Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said he was concerned that illegal foreigners would benefit unfairly from air conditioning because many of them were working outside, and questioned President Bush\'s ability to \"block national borders to keep the air cool \".
\"Environmental groups like the Sierra Club have taken a tough stance on the president\'s plan to require it to contain legally binding language to ensure that air conditioning will be converted into special energy --
Keep the \"sleeping\" environment when the country cools at night.
The White House has shown interest in an \"economic model\" that can be used in the event of a budget crisis, but whether such a large unit is eligible for Energy Star certification remains unknown, not to mention the building --in money-Save function.
The strongest opposition to the plan came from Canada.
Because the proposed national air conditioner will cover 90% of North Dakota and face the South, the United StatesS.
The neighbors in the North will go directly into the path of the overheated air discharged from the back vent of the machine.
While Prime Minister Stephen Harper said it would cause drought and destroy their farmland, most people think Canada lacks the power to stop the Bush Air Force --
Adjust the agenda.
It is reported that prior to the announcement of the initiative, President Bush held extensive consultations with US air-conditioning manufacturers and will soon receive tens of billions of dollars in awards for the design and manufacture of components needed for giant units.
Industry leader Lennox is expected to receive at least $30 trillion, including a huge installation fee, while both carrier company Trane and Amana are vying for the next biggest contract.
\"Global warming threatens all of us, whether we are mowing the lawn, drifting in the national park, or driving to the end of the driveway to get mail,\" Bush said . \".
It is undeniable that the task before us is arduous.
However, we will be greatly inconvenienced if we do not succeed.
I assure you that this will not happen in the United States.
Gore told a Democratic National Committee fund-raising meeting Monday night that Bush has now begun to tackle global warming, the former vice president and environmental activist will turn to developing personal ships capable of transporting four homes to distant planets.
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