addressable strip led police strobo

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-20
This police Strobo light strip is made of a WS2812B addressable LED light strip (97 cm, 29 LEDS)
And Arduino Nano.
This solution allows several different light patterns to be made with different color schemes, otherwise it is impossible to use standard redWhite-Blue LEDs bar (
Strobo lights for police)
Or rgb led strips.
Unless you have checked the local laws and have a legitimate/valid reason to do so, I would recommend not using it in your car.
The WS2812B LED light strip consists of a 5050-type rgb led with an integrated WS2812B LED driver IC.
Depending on the strength of the three separate red, green and blue LEDs, any color we want can be simulated.
The advantage of these LEDs is that it takes only one pin from our Arduino board to control the entire LED light strip.
Each LED has three connectors at both ends, two for power supply and one for data.
The arrow indicates the direction of the data flow.
The data output pad of the previous LED is connected to the data input pad of the next LED.
We can cut the strip to any size we want, or we can cut the LEDs to a distance using some wires.
They work on 5v DC with a brightness of about 20 mA for each red, green and blue LED, or 60 mA for each LED.
If the Arduino is powered via USB, the 5v pin can only handle about 400 mA, and the 5v pin can handle about 900 mA when powered with a barrel power connector.
Therefore, if you are using more LEDs and their electrical flow exceeds the above limit, you must use a separate 5v power supply.
In this case, you also need to connect the two ground wires to each other.
In addition, it is recommended to use a resistance of about 330 ohms between the Arduino and the LED strip data pins to reduce the noise of the line, as well as capacitors of about 100uF in the 5v and ground range, to smooth the power supply.
The wiring scheme to connect the Arduino nano to the WS2812B addressable bar LED bar is very simple.
The model needs to weld the wire or pin head, I use the pin head for testing, but you should consider soldering the wire for the actual project.
WS2812B addressable bar led has 3 pads on each side. +5V (
Red Line in the scheme)
5v into Arduino; GND (
Black line in the scheme)
Go to the Arduino GND; DIN (
Green Line in the scheme)
Enter Arduino pin 5 (for the data)
Through a resistance of 330 ohms.
I use the Arduino IDE with the fast LED Library. First, we need to include the fast LED Library, define the pins for the LED bar data connection, define the number of LEDs, and define an array of CRGB types.
This type contains three 1-
Byte data members for each of the three red, green and blue channels.
In the Settings section, we just need to initialize the FastLED using the parameters defined above.
Now, whatever we want, it\'s the main loop we can control the led.
With the CRGB feature, we can set any LED to any color using the three parameters of red, green and blue.
In order for the changes on the led to occur, we need to call the FastLED function. show().
The FastLED library has many other features that can be used to make very interesting animations and light shows, so making your next LED project shiny depends on your imagination.
My code includes several different LED patterns that would otherwise be impossible for standard rgb led strips.
Mode can be modified or called in the void loop ()
As a single sub-routine.
My code runs through variations of each schema, providing you with a starting point to modify the code to suit your needs.
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