a simple approach to good skin care -

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-06
The world of skin care is confusing, to say the least.
So many products and treatment options, what would you do if you wanted a better skin?
This introductory book on the basics of medical skin care will point you in the right direction.
Facial Skin Care is a very chaotic world with thousands of products in stores and shops
Line and countless beauty ads that, given that they are not FDA, have no boundaries with their statement
Approved Drugs
How do ordinary people who want to improve their skin and face look get through this maze?
First and foremost, like everything in medicine, a diagnosis must be made.
If you don\'t have an effective diagnosis of skin problems, you can\'t choose the right treatment very well.
This can be achieved in two ways;
Evaluated by a very experienced American, he has a lot of medical experience (i. e.
, Working in the doctor\'s office, preferably plastic surgeons or dermatologists)
And/or obtain a skin color analysis for Visia.
Like your skin\'s CAT scan, this computerized digital skin analysis system evaluates everything from wrinkles, pore size to sunlight damage. . .
And take photos.
This not only provides a set of diagnoses for the skin, but also serves as a reference for judging any future treatment outcomes.
From the product and treatment point of view, you can only do 5 things to your skin. . . that\\\'s it!
All skin care products, and even more invasive skin treatments, try to solve one or all of these problems. .
Because there is nothing more to do.
These five features include: Cleaning, moisturizing, protection, exfoliating and stimulation.
All of these different effects combine to create a smoother, tighter skin.
If these five functions are implemented in the skin care program, the best results can be achieved.
If only one or two of these products are done, the skin effect will be less.
To put it simply, face cleanser is required in the morning and evening, moisturizer/sunscreen is required during the day, and night therapy for exfoliating (e. g.
, Aha, lactic acid, Retin-A)
Alternate with doping (e. g.
Vitamin C and peptide)
Include a basic program.
The most variable part of this program is what you do with exfoliating and collagen stimulation at night.
It is essential to obtain the help of professional meteorologists.
Today, many product lines have listed it for you in a suite or step.
As you can see, thre is not a good reason for more than 5 to 7 skin care products if selected and monitored correctly.
The good news is. . . .
A good medical route usually costs more.
More effective than randomly selecting products from excessivethe-
Counter sales staff
The basic concept of medical skin care is. . . .
Simplify, highlight, and monitor results and how you react to them.
If you add a regular exfoliating with a micro-grinded skin and a chemical exfoliating. . . .
Use an injection filler or a small amount of Botox if needed. . .
You\'re on your way to the better.
You have a high return on your investment and look beautiful.
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