a new wrinkle: vendors address concerns about no-iron cotton sheets.

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-07
NEW YORK--The wrinkle-
The free paper business is going through the stage that any new product is facing during its formation; it\'s growing.
In fact, although it is currently only in JC Penney, the product shows \"wrinke-
\"Freedom\" may mature as a staple food for the cotton family.
Several executives at department stores and specialty stores said they wanted to buy the product and they wanted it to be as popular as wrinkles --
It\'s always free.
Meanwhile, textile mill executives are pleased with the new fabric, hoping it will increase their share in the growing cotton sheet market.
Wrinkles are provided in all three factories
Free Cotton flakes or a transplant plan.
\"I think it has a lot of potential,\" said Steve Pianowski, manager of the bedding business unit at Field crest . \".
But there are already wrinkles in the wrinkles. free story.
Some industry executives worry that the paper is not delivering on its promise and point out \"wrinkles --
\"Resistance\" will be a more accurate name.
Some people worry, wrinkles.
Free sheets are of poor quality compared to regular cotton sheets.
When a product is tested in a large market, these quality issues may affect the potential of the product.
Because there are wrinkles under the resin finish
Free sheets
Iron, 200-
Thread Count products may be higher than standard all-
Cotton Mills executives and retailers said.
Mark Grand, executive vice president of Strouds, said he might have to take on the challenge --
But he was \"seriously dissatisfied\" with the product \".
Grand said, \"I am very worried that we will take this as the next great thing to disappoint our customers with the product.
\"The only measure of wrinkles so far --
Free paper from a retailer and a factory was successful.
Penney has an exclusive agreement with westpoint Stevens, which first developed wrinkle-free sheet.
Penneyhas selling line-temperamentcolor, 200-
About nine months of statistics.
The retail price of the twins is $11. 99 twin, $8. 99 on sale.
Penney nurtured the growth of the product through a strong marketing campaign that seemed to be effective.
While executives at the country\'s largest home textile retailer declined to comment on the matter, executives at WestPoint Stevens said Penney had booked all of the company\'s capacity twice in a row.
The factory plans to expand production to make wrinkles --
Other retailers have free access to paper, not only in solids, but also in print.
From their initial success, there may be wrinkles.
Free sheets can follow the growth pattern of wrinkles
Tom Ward, president of home fashion at Westpoint stevens, said.
Harg introducing wrinkles
Free pants in 1992, sales increased 25% last year with wrinkles
Free accounts for 30% of the company\'s $0. 492 billion sales.
\"I think there is some space for wrinkles --
Free sheets. \"Ward said.
\"We think it\'s a long term. term-business.
\"After the success of West Point Stevens, the fairdykes cannon and the Springs industry have developed their own 200-count,all-cotton wrinkle-free solid-color programs.
Retailers are starting to spin around products like Hollywood agents, and they find out more about the next
A million dollar Star
The Fieldcrest gun is adding anti-wrinkle
Free paper with its first class solid New feelcolor program.
They priced it at $9. 99.
Additional products
In order to adapt to the high, deep installation of people
\"Said Pianowski.
Like WestPoint\'s product for Penney, \"it could float to $8. 99,\" he said.
The Fieldcrest Cannon is also considering providing wrinkle-free
Free shipping sheets inprints, Pianowski said.
Field crest sees wrinkles-
Free as another niche of its growing variety-
It also includes Royal Velvet, beautiful products and cotton film of Fox fiber made of natural colored cotton.
These two lines represent different consumers and will not compete with wrinklesfree product.
Field CREZ wants its new wrinkles --
Freeproduct will be from solid-
The color giant is like wamsuta andRalph Lauren Pianowski said.
But quality control is the key to product success.
Make wrinkles-
Free sheets, Mills interweave the sheets fabric with thinner yarn to help the fabric stand up while taking a shower.
Resin is an organic substance released from various plants and trees.
After the resin is soaked, the sheets pass through the dryer;
This process combines the material with the paper, thus preventing the formation of the product.
The only problem. -
According to factory executives, the resin reduces the tensile strength of the paper, causing it to wear faster than ordinary cotton sheets.
Mills use 200-to fight against resin-
Executives said. Lower 180-
The count pieces are less staggered and not durable.
\"We are satisfied with the trial,\" Pianowski said . \".
\"We will build a durable and acceptable product.
\"About the life of wrinkles --
Freedom orders can be attributed to personal opinions, Pianowski said.
No one knows exactly how long the product will actually last once the consumer takes the product home.
\"I don\'t have the facts to show that it doesn\'t last as long as it\'s a regular --cotton sheet.
Torrence Shealy, president of springs industrial division and specialty stores, said caution.
\"Consumers will tell us if this is correct,\" he said . \"
\"But I don\'t know what the consumer\'s reaction and opinion will be.
Our goal is to meet the needs of consumers and the needs of the market. -
Not what we think of their needs.
American Vice President Ella LivingstonS.
The market for cottonimported added that the technology is clearly advanced enough to meet Penney\'s high quality standards and, in short, has been accepted by Penney\'s customers.
\"I would be shocked if they came up with something that didn\'t meet the expectations of consumers,\" Livingston said . \".
Livingston says he expects sales of wrinkles to grow significantlyfreesheets.
More people want cotton sheets, he says, but they don\'t want to stand on the iron and remove the wrinkles. The wrinkle-
Freesheet is the perfect solution.
It is cotton with added value.
Livingston published wrinkles.
Anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinklefree\" issue.
Executives at Mill believe the former name describes the performance of the product more accurately.
The word \"wrinkles\"
\"Freedom\" should not be seen as a tool, Livingston said.
Nothing is wrinkles
Free, note that Penney\'s testsdone shows a product score of 3 to 3. 5, on a five-
Five sheets, he said, were completely pressed.
\"There\'s some obvious appeal to the marketing handle,\" shealys said of \"wrinkles --
But WestPoint avoided the two phrases.
The company\'s advertising guide says the correct term is \"no iron \".
\"Durability seems to be a more difficult issue for factories and retailers.
The discontent of consumers will damage the reputation of their brand.
At the same time, retailers fear that if they support the product and explode with consumers, it will have an impact on the reputation of their stores.
On the other hand, these concerns can be seen as part of any new product launch.
They don\'t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of major retailers like Dayton Hudson and May.
Both are accelerating wrinkles. free sheets.
The federal government is still weighing the pros and cons.
Linen, bedding and other supplies, as well as Pacific Linen, tend to carry the product, industry insiders said.
So despite these concerns, factories and retailers are prepared to take action to let consumers decide for themselves.
Charles dominger, division merchandise manager at Dayton Hudson, said: \"You have to take the wind and break the waves, if wrinkles --
Freesheet wears faster, which may not be bad.
\"The durability of existing sheets and towels can be extended to 20 years,\" said Domingue . \".
\"For the industry, it might be helpful to have a list that doesn\'t last long. If wrinkle-
What they want is free and they have to change it more often.
Deminger said: \"Dayton Hudson has not yet chosen a supplier.
There should be m stores offering free sheets later this year.
Dominguo pointed out the success of wrinkles --
Free clothing in Dayton Hudson. From the get-
Consumers recognize the added value of the product, he said.
The clothing company has also done millions of advertising.
Free products are available.
Harg, for example, spent about $25 million.
Again, when Penney launched wrinkle-
The free newspaper, the company hyped on TV shows and newspaper inserts.
Deminger said Dayton Hudson was not going to do TV commercials, but it will do direct mail campaigns for the launch.
\"TV is very expensive and it\'s a gun battle,\" Domingo said . \".
\"JC Penney has the ability to do that.
\"Penney\'s current campaign may be helped by an increase in revenue --
Cotton consumers-
Many of them may be forced back into trouble.
Back in the 1940 s, when polyester/cotton blend paper was launched, Penney and other retailers touted their \"easycare\" quality, resulting in consumers abandoning their entire productcottonproducts.
The trick now is to convince consumers that cotton can be used as \"simple care \"---If it\'s wrinkles-free.
Mill and retail executives don\'t want
In the near future, the iron sheet will dominate the plate market.
They put Penney\'s wrinkles
About 5% of its total sales.
But overall, optimism has the upper hand.
\"We have to make a wrinkle --
\"Free Project,\" said JimWhitehead, executive vice president and general manager of Pacific Linen.
\"It will not replace [regular]Cotton business
But at the JCPenney restaurant, it\'s clearly proven itself.
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