3d print this: prosthetic hands & couture dresses

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-25
The 3D printing revolution is here!
In hard wired 2 this week.
Watch me visit MakerBot studio and discover the latest innovations in 3D printing technology.
I can\'t believe all the products printed using the MakerBot printer-
From statues to robot hands to shoes!
Be sure to check it out in my gallery.
I first met with Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot, to learn about the whole process.
3D printing is modeled by melting deposition and is basically a fancy robot to control the hot glue gun.
The printer is fed to the PLA filament through the hot tip on the printer, pumping a layer of objects at a time, which makes these products generally more affordable than traditional manufacturing.
I learned about the robot hand project and it only takes $5 to make a fake hand!
Next, I met with Francis Beatty to see how designers used 3D printing to revolutionize the fashion world.
Custom designer stylish dress for $400!
He recently made a custom 3D printed garment for fashion icon Dita von Teese.
I\'m very excited to see what\'s next in the 3D printing world.
What will you print with a 3D printer?
Do you keep talking to us in Aoloriginals @ ijustine, AOLHardwired @ gethardwired!
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