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AP Published: December 19, 2013 11: 07 EDT | update: December 19, 2013 11: 12 EDT, it is usually disappointing to find a imitation of the fur you want under the Christmas tree. Not this year.
Faux is the New Black of this holiday gift.
But this is not 1980 \"pleading\"
Cheap plastic
It looks like Michael Jackson\'s popular material in his thriller era.
A $198 fuzzy brown coat from the Banana Republic has a striking label on it that says \"faux fur \".
The costume with the \"vegan leather\" accent flew down on the virtual shelf of the shopbop. com.
At luxury retailer Barney\'s, a Marni faux leather III
The season sleeve jacket costs $1,900.
Artificial furniture is becoming more and more popular, partly because advances in technology enable designers to make better productslooking fakes.
While the economy is still unstable, making Americans more frugal can also be seen as a good way to fashion without destroying banks.
The movement of social consciousness shopping makes some people feel better about false shopping.
This helps some-
The people on the list gave them the stamp of approval.
The model was seen at the fashion show wearing artificial leather for a big show.
Designers like Tom Ford and Rag & Bone.
Actress Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are rocking on the red carpet in faux leather and fur.
While it is difficult to determine the overall sales of manufactured goods, retailers say they are benefiting from growing popularity.
Banana Republic $6950 faux-
Faux fur scarf
Best-selling fur leopard vest.
Target says faux fur household items like faux fur pillows and throwing are doing very well.
Macy\'s said new technologies used with faux leather, such as fan-shaped and quilting stitching, have brought new relevance to tops and jackets.
Josh Saterman, vice president and fashion director of millennial at Macy\'s, said: \"In the past,\" artificial \"means cheaper, and the quality is not satisfactory, but it is no longer . \".
\"Man is part of our next fashion evolution\"haves.
\"The fact that Andrew Dent, vice president of global materials consulting company Conexion, says that faux fur and leather are barely different from what is now in kind, drives this trend.
He said this is because the designer is replacing old plastics such as PVC with improved polyurethane with more leather
Like touch.
They are also becoming thinner and thinner to make faux fur look more luxurious and soft.
The improvement in quality prompted 28-year-old Brandon Vidal to buy two faux fur blankets for his mother and a roommate this year as a Christmas gift.
Vidal, who lives in Calgary, says they feel great.
\"They are warm and comfortable and cold here in Canada.
In addition to better technology, more and more social awareness is buying fabrics that do not involve animal abuse, which makes it easier for artificial fashion to be accepted.
Alison Levy, senior manager at consulting firm Kurt Salmon, said that this is the big trend of the season, which has to do with the social movement moving in a direction that is more receptive to falsehood and authenticity.
This is considered the right and responsible option compared to cheaper value options.
This message must have resonated with Kristin Burki. year-
The son asked for a leather jacket after Christmas.
Birkey, a 26-year-old marketing professional at Ind kokokomo, said I explained to him what had to be done to make a leather jacket and he almost began to cry.
Birkey was wearing a faux leather jacket.
So her son asked for one.
But buying a fake is a simple math problem for others.
Christine Clay King, 23, from Whitney Point, New York. Y.
She hopes to buy artificial pearls for Christmas this year, because she thinks artificial pearls are classic and elegant, not to mention more affordable than real pearls.
\"Although they are fake, they look real, and if they are real, they are bigger than you can get,\" she said . \".
Moreover, they are much cheaper. \'
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