15 of the most stunning royal wedding dresses of all time

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-17
The 2011 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will always have a special place in our hearts (
This is not a free \"wedding of the century \")
But when it comes to fashion, the Duchess\'s Alexander McQueen is not the only rich dress worth seeing.
Here are 15 incredible wedding dresses that have left their mark on history.
Spoiler: envy of the main style ahead.
Designed by Givenchy\'s Claire wait Keller, the Duchess of Sussex chose an elegant, timeless \"boat neck\" dress for her wedding with Prince Harry in May 2018.
Some old psychic
Hollywood school atmosphere (
How to install a former actress)
Markle combines the refined look with the silk tulle veil and Queen Mary\'s diamond bandeau headwear. The result?
Okay, so they\'re not exactly members of the royal family.
The Duke of Windsor gave up his throne in order to marry the two.
Divorce time in USA
But this elegant work is absolutely iconic. The low-
An important ceremony was held in France on 1937, the Duchess (Simpson)
Wearing a light blue main dress, it is now on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Interesting Facts: After World War II, the future Queen of England used a costume ration voucher to pay for her wedding dress, an ivory silk dress designed by royal designer Norman Hartner.
Featuring exquisite floral embroidery and 10,000 seed pearls, it is reported to have been inspired by Primavera of Botticelli.
Another interesting fact?
For Netflix\'s popular series crown, the dress costs up to $37,000.
An amazing 2 billion people watched Kate walk through this custom aisle
Alexander McQueen design (
Wonderful ideas from Sarah Burton, creative director of McQueen)
She had 2011 weddings for Prince William. Featuring a V-
The neckline, ivory lace bodice and long sleeves of this dress will definitely be eliminated in the history of the bride.
In 1956, the queen of Hollywood married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, dressed in an Oscar-winning dress, to become a true member of the royal family --
Costume designer Helen Rose
This timeless wedding stylish dress features a high neck corset
Like waist and waistlength skirt. Fairy-The perfect story
The Swedish royal family chose an elegantthe-
On 2010, when she married her personal trainer, Daniel Westlin, the silk satin number on her shoulder (aww).
On the same day in 1976, her mother, Queen Sylvia, also attended her wedding wearing a gold and pearl emboss headdress. (Double aww. )
Have you ever seen a wedding dress in your 80 s?
Of course, today\'s bride may be looking for inspiration, but this bloated sleeve, ivory-
Silk, taffeta and lace are one of the most iconic wedding dresses of our time.
Designed by husband and wife team David and Elizabeth Emanuel, it has a huge 25-
A walking train designed to match the size of the wedding venue. (
Princess Diana and Prince Charles are married in the Great Church.
Paul\'s Cathedral in London)
Her marriage to Prince Abdullah bin Al
Hussein of Jordan, 1993year-
The old bride chose a completely original (and drop-dead gorgeous)look. Her short-
The sleeve gown features gold details by designer Bruce Oldfield (
Princess Diana\'s favorite).
The power suit is written on the Belt and eye-catching collar, but white gloves and the 1961 Lincoln convertible say, well, the budget is big.
On 2011, when Grace Kelly\'s son, Prince Albert II of Monaco, married the South African Olympic swimmer, she wore an amazing Armani Privet silk dress with 40,000 Swarovski crystals, pearl mother 20,000 tears, 30,000 stone. Wowza.
The former reporter walked down the aisle and held a wedding with the future King of Spain. white, high-
With beautiful (and non-detachable)15-foot train.
Designed by Manuel Pertegaz, this dress features fine silver and gold threaded embroidery in the shape of fleur-de-
The fruit of the strawberry tree and the ears of wheat.
The British royal family member, while married photographer Anthony Armstrong, wrote this down from her sister\'s fashion script --
In 1960, Jones commissioned Norman Hartner to design a simple silk organza gown for her.
It was also the first royal wedding to be broadcast on television, with more than 20 million viewers watching it. (
Real conversation: what did the bride do before Pinterest? )
The Duchess of Cornwall wore a cream.
She and Prince Charles had colored dresses and coats for 2005 civil ceremonies, but we think the blue and gold gown she later wore for her blessing at Windsor Castle is even more eye-catching.
Select extra style points for gold
Decorate with feathers instead of crowns.
When the former reality TV star married Swedish Prince Carl Philip in 2015, he was apparently inspired by Kate Middleton. (
Like Middleton\'s dress, herlist\'s Ida sjstedt crepe and silk organza dresses also come with lace sleeves on the white bodice. )
Look at that beautiful diamond and emerald headdress, it\'s her gift
King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Sylvia.
Oh, isn\'t your \"new thing\" a headwear?
Alas, neither of us can marry the royal family.
As the heiressturned-
In 2013, the princess married Prince Felix of Luxembourg, wearing a custom Eli Saab dress decorated with Chantilly lace. 15.
Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti is King William of the Netherlands for her wedding-
In 2002, Alexander Máxima wore a stylish Valentino dress with lace details and 16-foot train.
Simple but amazing.
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